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If your life isn’t going the way you’d like, we can help you. Many of us find it difficult to take the first step to seek guidance for many reasons.  We want to believe we can solve our own problems.  The thought of exposing our feelings, challenges and unspoken thoughts can feel uncomfortable, if not impossible.  Yet, once you make that first step – you’re opening up your life for positive things to happen. 

Together, we will discover solutions that can give you the peace and resolution you need. 




  • Are you experiencing depression, or anxiety and can’t seem to pull yourself out of it?
  • Do you feel isolated and misunderstood, and need help sorting things out? Counseling can help.
  • Are you stressed, overwhelmed and want help getting a handle on your concerns?
  • Learn how to leverage your strengths and correct the patterns in your life that aren’t working for you.




Are you or a loved one suffering from heartache? Nothing could have prepared you for the intense struggle of rebuilding your life and family when facing the possible ending of a marriage or long relationship. Loneliness and fear for the future can feel crippling.  

Learn How to Rebuild Your Relationship

  • Are you and your partner arguing too much or seeing the love you once shared together fade away?
  • Are you and your partner facing conflict or feeling a growing distance between each other?
  • Are you unable to talk through things and reach resolution? 



  • Do you know how to effectively teach your child coping skills, anger-management, social skills and/or self-discipline? Counseling can help.
  • Does your teen seem lonely or sad and won’t let you in?
  • Learn how to help your child become the adult he/she needs to be



Do you sabotage your own success? Does your self-esteem need a boost?  Would you like to be comfortable with yourself, regardless of what others think? Our self empowerment groups meet with the goal of helping each other identify what each individual needs to empower his/herself and restore self-esteem and confidence. 

 •  Identifying Your Strengths
•  Adapting Self-Care and Coping Skills
•  Releasing Negative Self-Talk
•  Harnessing the Power of Your Emotions
•  Practicing and Mastering Learned Skills

If you’re interested in learning more about our upcoming group programs and wellness workshops, please register here and we’ll notify you as these programs become available.  

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